We are the largest supplier of Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation (ETO) in the UK and Ireland. Our accredited facility conforms to ISO11135 and has two 30m2 vacuum chambers controlled by a sophisticated software system – SCADA – that gathers data in real time, keeping our processes efficient.

Our highly skilled team run a competent warehouse and have refined the sterilisation process which has served our customers well. So well in fact, we have now broken the barrier of 200 regular sterilisation customers.

Our capability allows us to be flexible regarding different chamber cycles. We are one of the few facilities that offer both short and long sterilisation cycles. Both cycles can be mixed loads: multiple product families can be sterilised together. However, for customers that require their product to be the only product in a load, we can offer dedicated chambers.

Our turnaround times are typically 7-10 days; however, the express service allows us to offer a faster service for an additional fee as our daily mixed load cycles allow us to offer competitive prices.