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Cleanroom Monitoring

We offer comprehensive onsite and offsite cleanroom monitoring analysis services compliant with the relevant ISO standards (14644 & BS EN ISO 17141 1). Our field microbiologists / technicians are trained in the appropriate standards and have considerable experience.

Our environmental monitoring
services consist of:

Settle plate testing: this is passive monitoring (between 1-4 hours) which monitors settled microbial cell contamination. This test provides what level of contamination could potentially settle on a product within the test period.
Contact plate testing: this monitoring involves the physical pressing of an agar plate onto a surface. This test provides the level of contamination present on the sampled surface which will help decide if your cleaning parameters are sufficient.
Active air sample testing: This test captures and forces 1000l of air inside your cleanroom onto an agar plate. This test provides the level of contamination suspended in your air and helps verify that any HEPA filters employed in the cleanroom are working sufficiently.
Airborne particle concentration count testing: This test provides the concentration of non-viable airborne particulate suspended in your cleanroom air. This test verifies that your air handling supply and extract systems are working within the required parameters.
Pressure differential: This test measures the pressure differentials between areas of different cleanroom classifications (i.e., between a controlled clean area and an uncontrolled area this pressure should be positive).
Filter air velocity testing (air change calculation): This test measures the flow rate at which HEPA-filtered air leaves the filter face. We use this flow measurement to calculate the air change rate per hour, which will help determine if your cleanroom can remove contaminated areas.

In addition to performing the testing we supply audits and staff training.