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Test Soils and HTM Test Kits

Andersen Caledonia manufacture and supply Test Soils and HTM Test Kits. Soils meet ISO standards and our range of kits contain all essential materials.

HTM Testing of Washers and Autoclaves

Decontamination of surgical instruments is a critical part of the fight against hospital-acquired infections. The Health Technical Memorandums (HTM) documents provide a list of tests required on the washers and autoclaves employed by hospitals to ensure that they decontaminate correctly. To run these tests requires a range of consumables including test soils, surrogates and bottles for water sampling.

Test Soils

Andersen Caledonia supplies a full range of test soils including Edinburgh and endoscopy. The soils are manufactured in accordance with ISO standards and use fresh eggs to ensure the correct consistency. Soils are supplied with syringes in cool boxes.


Andersen Caledonia produces a range of surrogates for endoscope washers and drying cabinets. We customise them with the correct connectors for each manufacturer design. For endoscope washers with chemical self-disinfection, we produce biofilm test pieces.

Test Kits

For quarterly and annual tests, we supply a range of kit boxes with all the materials to undertake the work. The kits are packed in sturdy cool boxes with a carry handle. All paperwork and labels are included. Courier return of box to the laboratory is arranged using either UPS or Direct Express.