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What is a Cleanroom?

A cleanroom is an enclosed, clean air environment where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. Air entering the cleanroom is initially filtered and is then continuously filtered once inside to remove contaminants that may have been produced inside the cleanroom. Cleanrooms are essential to avoid contamination in the processing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Sterile Packing Cleanroom
at Andersen Caledonia

Combining our newly renovated ISO 5 cleanroom with our existing sterilisation, laboratory testing and validation capabilities enables us to offer an integrated solution all at our dedicated Bellshill facility. This shortens the supply chain by removing the need to use an external company for packing, reducing turnaround times and minimising the risk of external contamination. Our competent Validation Team carry out sterile packing validations in accordance with ISO11607.


Sterile Packing

We are able to provide a variety of sterile packing solutions suitable for both large and small companies and can handle single-use and re-usable items. Products we process include:

Manufacture of Single Use Surgical Instruments and Packs

We supply surgical instruments and customised packs on a contract basis which can be under our CE mark, using our established critical supply network, or supplied under your CE mark. The packs are assembled and sterilised at our Bellshill facility with a focus on quality throughout the process. We specialise in offering a rapid turnaround on orders and customisation for small batch volumes.

A full list of the instruments and packs we stock can be found at our online shop and includes dermatology packs, vasectomy packs, carpal tunnel packs, IUCD packs and minor operations packs. Additional consumables such as drapes, swabs and polyware are kept in stock or can be sourced at competitive prices if required for customised packs.