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What is TOC Testing?

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) testing is a measurement of the quality of water in a similar way to conductivity. While conductivity looks for dissolved inorganic material the TOC test looks for organic material in most cases are dissolved for Purified Waters. Much of the organic carbon found in natural water are Humic substances which come from dead plants, trees etc. For more purified water TOC can give an indication of the residual presence of cleaning chemicals such as alcohols and peracetic acid.

Why is TOC Testing Important

Standards such as the USP, EP and ISO 15833 set requirements on the TOC levels for medical grade water. TOC components such as residual disinfectants can be directly dangerous to patients and organic carbon compounds can also interact with drugs to create toxic chemicals.

We are in the process of obtaining UKAS accreditation for our analysis methods.

Our TOC testing is undertaken using the latest Beckman Coulter Technology using Photo-Chemical Oxidation method with Non—dispersive Infrared Detection (NDIR) with a resolution to 1ppb. This method of analysis TOC is defined as NPOC (Non-purgeable Organic Matter).We supply certified TOC free sample vials in cold boxes to avoid contamination of samples prior to testing. We are in the process of getting our analysis methods accredited. We offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround on all testing.

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