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What is SP.eye™?​

SP.eye™ is a single device integrating a delivery guide, 30 gauge needle and sharps safe system for the delivery of intravitreal injections. Developed by Ophthalmologists with extensive experience in intravitreal injection delivery, the award-winning device provides a highly efficient method that offers excellent safety, precision and stability.

Eye conditions treated by SP.eye™​

SP.eye™ may be used for any medication licensed for trans-pars plana injection into the eye using a 30 gauge needle. Conditions that can be treated with the device include:

Use of SP.eye™

SP.eye™ may be used by any suitably qualified medical professional and is fully compatible with push-fit and luer-loc syringe systems. After use, the instrument can be locked safe and disposed of in a suitable sharps bin. The video below provides a demonstration of the 8 steps involved in the operative technique.

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