Our Story

Since Andersen Caledonia’s inception, we have been evolving the methods used for infection prevention and contamination control to combat the ever-evolving microbiological and environment challenges

We operate on a global platform supporting our Customers. Our professional, flexible and friendly customer service approach enables us to handle complex problems with skill and efficiency.

Today, through strategic growth and continual innovation of our services. Andersen Caledonia is one the largest independent sterilisation organisations in the industry. We spearhead efforts to prevent infection and contamination in healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have two large ethylene oxide sterilisation chambers and one steam sterilisation chamber which complies with ISO11135 (ETO) and ISO17665 (Steam). This allows us to process large volumes of product quickly and cost effectively.

Our ISO13485 and UKAS ISO17025 accredited Laboratory expertise allows us to specialise in the microbiological and chemical analysis of waters, assessment of sterility and endotoxin levels of medical devices and microbiological testing of medical devices.

Also, we have a Cleanroom! This has seen us achieve another milestone in our business development plan, as we can offer a fully integrated sterile packing service including washing.

Finally, our Validation team has grown and continues to innovate our ever-expanding business. Tighter regulations, means that our customers have to conform to more stringent criteria and our validation team have proved over the last year that they can help our customers at every stage of their products life cycle.


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Managing Director


Since becoming Managing Director over ten years ago, Jonathan has taken a hands on approach using his extensive knowledge of sterilisation and validation to expand the range of services provided at Andersen Caledonia. Training programs – continuously provided by Jonathan – utilise his knowledge and understanding, ensuring the staff provide excellent quality service on a consistent basis.

However, every great leader, has an even greater team of people behind him…

Laboratory Manager

Ronan Stapleton


Microbiological Services Manager

James Lord


Sterile Packaging Manager

Anne Marie Springett


Technical Manager

Claire Walsh


The Cleanroom Team