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What is Steam Sterilisation?

Steam sterilisation is a widely used method of sterilisation for medical devices in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and device companies. Steam sterilisation works by placing products in a machine called an autoclave and exposing them to pressurised steam at high temperatures in order to destroy viable microorganisms. The process components of steam sterilisation provide the benefit of being non-toxic which reduces the bio-compatibility issues of steam sterilised products in comparison to those using ethylene oxide sterilisation. Additionally, the process is fast and delivers a high-level of sterility assurance.

Steam Sterilisation at Andersen Caledonia

Andersen Caledonia can offer fully integrated steam sterilisation services to companies and hospitals that require support to steam sterilise their medical devices. All steam sterilisation is undertaken at our accredited Bellshill facility which conforms to ISO13485 and has USA FDA and Japanese MOH registration. Our facility has 2 large steam autoclaves with over 1 cubic metre capacity and run 3 industry standard cycles at 121°, 132° and 134°. Our expertise in steam sterilisation means we are also able to develop steam cycles tailored to individual customer requirements.

Our microbiological laboratory are able to run sterility tests and biological indicator enumerations and our Validation Engineering Team offer validations of steam cycles including shelf life and packaging to meet regulatory standards and to provide additional assurance.

Download our Steam Sterilisation Processing form and return to us to process your order