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Phoenix Crescent, Bellshill

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01698 844 476

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Our Policies


Labour Standards Policy

Our Labour Standards Policy promotes fair wages, safe working conditions, and non-discrimination. It’s crucial for our employees and supply chain, ensuring long-term business success. We monitor and improve compliance continuously.


Modern Slavery Policy

Our Modern Slavery Policy at Andersen Caledonia reflects our zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of modern slavery. We assess and address risks, train employees and suppliers, and operate ethically to protect individuals’ rights and dignity.


Equal Ops & Diversity Policy

Andersen Caledonia’s Equal Ops & Diversity Policy promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone has equal opportunities and is respected. We provide training, assess policies, and foster an innovative and sustainable business through diversity.


Whistleblowing Policy

Andersen Caledonia’s Whistleblowing Policy encourages employees to report concerns confidentially and safely. We protect whistleblowers, investigate complaints, and maintain ethical standards.