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Sterile Surgical Packs and Instruments

Andersen Caledonia is one of the leading, British manufactured, providers of surgical supplies including single-use surgical packs and instruments. We stock a wide range of basic surgical supplies which can be found at our online shop and include:

All surgical supplies are provided under our CE mark, using our established critical supply network, or can be supplied under your CE mark if required. Each surgical pack contains all consumable items needed to perform the required procedure.

We offer a competitive price combined with good quality instruments due to our dedicated supply chain.

Customisable Surgical Supply Packs

We have the capacity to customise surgical packs to individual customer requirement specifications. Please call us on 01698 844 476 to talk to one of our specialist staff about your specific requirements. Additional consumables such as drapes, swabs and polyware are kept in stock or can be sourced at competitive prices if required for customised packs. Packs may include items such as needle holders, artery forceps, scalpel blades and surgical scissors.

Sterile Packing of Surgical Supplies

Andersen Caledonia acts as your ‘One-Stop Shop’ for medical surgical supplies, with our staff always willing to go that extra mile. All packs are assembled and packed in our Class ISO 5 Cleanroom and sterilised with ethylene oxide gas on-site at our dedicated Bellshill facility. Our integrated surgical supplies solution, all under one roof, enables us to offer rapid turnaround on orders and customisation for small batch volumes.