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The Importance of Water Testing

Water can facilitate the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms and may also contain dissolved chemicals and minerals which, even in small quantities, can be damaging to health. Water testing is critical to ensure water, as our most important resource, is safe.

Examples of Test Performed:

Our laboratory was the first in the UK to obtain UKAS accreditation for Mycobacteria testing using qPCR.

We offer one of the widest ranges of accredited tests in the UK for all types of water from pharmaceutical grade water for injection to spa water and everything between. As well as the traditional cell culture method we also offer the rapid molecular method using qPCR. Our laboratory was the first laboratory in the UK to be accredited for mycobacteria testing using qPCR.

Types of Water Tested:

Molecular Water Testing using qPCR

This method has two main benefits.

The qPCR test method is very rapid with a result in a couple of hours. This compares with a couple of weeks for legionella and up to a month for mycobacteria

The method is very accurate (sensitive and specific) at identifying a specific organism. Our Legionella method analyses for both Legionella species (all species) and specifically for the presence of pathogenic Legionella pneumophila.

Molecular Environmental Swab Analysis using qPCR

Andersen Caledonia now offers a rapid, sensitive and specific environmental pathogenic Aspergillus qPCR assay test. This test method can detect the presence of A.terrus, A.fumigatus, A.niger and A.flavus. Aspergillus can cause a severe upper respiratory tract disease called Aspergillosis which can be fatal if not treated. Our assay can detect this pathogen which will allow for room/area remediation, preventing this pathogen spreading further.

The process is simple: Andersen Caledonia dispatches a dry swab kit, the customer uses the kit to swab the area of concern and sends the swab back to our laboratory in the post for analysis.