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Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of Medical Equipment: Guide

Sterilizing medical equipment has always been a cause for concern and essential task hospitals and private practices must carry out. It is critical for patient safety that surgical instruments and devices are thoroughly disinfected. Surgical equipment and instruments must be sterilized before they are used. Ethylene oxide sterilization of medical equipment can ensure safety against […]

What Sterilisation Methods are Best for You

EtO & Steam Sterilisation Methods When deciding to sterilise medical devices and instruments there are many service options available. This poses the question – what sterilisation methods should you use? Andersen Caledonia focuses on two main forms of sterilisation; Ethylene Oxide sterilisation (EtO/eo) and Steam sterilisation. These two methods of disinfection provide multiple benefits for the end-user. However, it […]

EtO Use in Lateral Flow Tests Deemed Safe

EtO is safe to use in lateral flow testing Recent misinformation has been spreading around EtO use in lateral flow tests. The misleading information was believed to be first broadcast on a Facebook live video. On the video broadcast, it was falsely proclaimed that ethylene oxide sterilised swabs cause cancer. However several investigations, studies and […]