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Surface Testing for Covid-19 Launched

Andersen Caledonia Launch Covid-19 Surface Test

Andersen Caledonia has pioneered the surface testing initiative to enable covid-19 to be tested on hard surfaces. This type of test is the first to be conducted in the UK. Our Managing Director Jonathan Lintott described the test as “significant as it assures users that a public space is clear of any infection”. Results from the test will not just point out COVID-19 showing up on a surface but will also detail the volume gathered, giving an indication to the degree and extent a surface is infected and the prospect of fomite transmission.

Moreover, identifying where virus particles assemble in shared public and commercial spaces means that businesses can develop enhanced and efficient cleaning, therefore saving their time and money in the elimination of the presence of virus to their places of work. Andersen Caledonia can supply 1-2 day results on the virus’s presence and quantity on any surface for customers. This is increasingly important for companies as the economy begins to open again and trading resumes, highlighting the need for public safety.

The surface test is conducted using a specialist qPCR system which can accurately and rapidly identify target DNA/RNA.

For more information about our Surface Testing click here: https://andersencaledonia.com/andersen-caledonia-shop/

To view the full article by Insider.co.uk, click here.



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