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How Long Does Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?

Coronavirus on Surfaces: How Long Does It Last?

Evidence of Coronavirus on Surfaces After 17 Days. What are the Risks of Handling Packages and Groceries?

More people are staying indoors to avoid contact with people potentially infected by Covid-19. But in light of a recent report from the US’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that said RNA from the virus that causes Covid-19 was found in the Diamond Princess ship 17 days after its passengers had left. What are the risks of handling packages, groceries and what scientists call “high-touch” surfaces? Coronavirus on surfaces is a critical area for the disease to spread thereby cannot be overlooked.

Andersen Caledonia’s Response:

The fight against Covid-19 will take time to win and will require extensive testing over an extended period not just of people but surfaces. In anticipation of this, Andersen Caledonia plans to have its laboratory environmental testing service include to Covid-19 in the range of micro-organisms tested. This will be done using our qPCR capability which looks for the DNA / RNA of the virus and a brand new bio-safety room. Andersen Caledonia will be offering this service in April 2020.

Learn more about Andersen Caledonia’s Covid-19 surface testing here: https://andersencaledonia.com/coronavirus-covid-19-surface-testing/