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Glass Vials Assisting COVID Fight

The Importance of Glass Vials in Fight Against COVID

What are glass vials?

Glass vials are small bottle-like containers that preserve pharmaceutical substances in the form of liquid. The most common types of substances held in vials are vaccines and medicines. 

Benefits and factors to consider

Vials are deemed to be a key artefact in the ongoing fight against Covid-19. There are many benefits to opting to use glass containers as opposed to their plastic counterparts. However, what factors make vials such an important object in this process? Firstly, guaranteeing glass strength means that the liquid-filled vials are, to a greater degree, shatterproof. This will reduce breakages during filling and/or transportation. Moreover, it’s not fully known how many breakages occur but within Europe, the figure is under 1%.  Secondly, ensuring that the glass is chemically inert; ensuring no contamination of the chemical makeup of the vaccine/liquid that is in the vial. In production, most glass vials manufacturers use chemicals and materials that are not going to impact the solution. Lastly, reducing and preventing the evaporation of liquid present in the container. Studies have shown if in direct sunlight or placed in a well-heated area then the level of liquid decreases. Similarly in regards to temperature, if in extremely cool temperatures (i.e. well below freezing) the vaccine/potency of liquid is decreased.

Pharmaceutical vials at Andersen Caledonia

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