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Fit to Fly Certificate Covid-19

Fit to Fly Test

What is a Fit to Fly covid-19 test?

A Fit to Fly test is an essential process a person has to take in order to fly during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. Airlines are insisting that persons wanting to fly with them will need to provide an official Fit to Fly certificate. Fit to Fly tests are similar to normal testing services but required their own certificate. Once a swab has been taken and sent to our lab for analysis, a certificate will be issued to the recipient that details their results and if they are fit to fly commercially.

Do I need a Fit to Fly travel certificate?

The UK government has ordered travellers to complete a Fit to Fly test. If you are flying from the UK to another destination abroad then you are required to prove to airlines that you have taken a covid-19 test and that you have no symptoms and/or are not carrying the virus. This is done in the form of a coronavirus travel test that you must show the certified results to the airline before boarding the aircraft. The certificate is critical for foreign travel.

What is Andersen Caledonia’s travel test process?

Andersen Caledonia’s specialist laboratory has been approved by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) which permits our laboratory to supply COVID-19 testing for private use including Fit-to-Fly practices. Individuals wishing to obtain a Fit to Fly certificate will be required to purchase our test for only £60 and send it to our accredited lab for analysis. Upon swab findings the lab will issue a certificate within 1-2 days that the individual can show to airlines so that they can travel.

How can I get a Fit to Fly test?

You can purchase a Fit to Fly test supplied by our partner company Heathium Clinics and analysed by us at Andersen Caledonian here: https://andersencaledonia.com/product/fit-to-fly-covid-19-qpcr-test/



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