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Face Visors Provided by Andersen Caledonia

Face Visors for Covid-19

Andersen Caledonia is supplying high quality sterile or non-sterile face visors that are manufactured fully in the UK.

These PPE products are an aid in the minimisation and prevention of coronavirus and adhere to government safety and standards.

Key elements of the face visors are as follows:

Full length face visor 220mm x 165mm.

Enclosed top section for added protection

Rigid headband with foam lining provides 5 cm clearance from face.

Elastic headband with adjustable strap holes so stays on securely.

Strong, transparent anti-fog treated visor.

Manufactured and packed at ISO 13485 certified supplier.

Fully manufactured in the U.K.

Compliant with EN166 2001.

Visor is supplied in batches of 10 either sterile packed for use in surgical theatre or ICU settings or non-sterile for general use.

£29.50 per box of 10 non-sterile excluding shipping.

£39.50 per box of 10 sterile packed excluding shipping.

Shop our Covid-19 PPE here: https://andersencaledonia.com/product-category/coronavirus-ppe/