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COVID Lockdown Eases: Testing Demand Increased

Testing Increased as UK Lockdown Eases

As the UK’s covid lockdown eases, testing has increased in demand. The UK government have began their route out of lockdown with new initiatives. England will see their lockdown measures eased on 12th April with Scotland and Wales waiting until 26th April. Beginning their emergence from covid lockdown restrictions, the UK government are wanting citizens to take two coronavirus tests a week. This is a preventative exercise to reduce likelihood of further waves and lockdowns. The scheme will work in conjunction with the vaccine rollout of which over 32 million people have had their first dose and more than 7 million have received their second.

The enhanced testing capacity has been confirmed for implementation in England as covid lockdown eases. The plans include allowing anyone, including individuals without symptoms, to take coronavirus tests twice per week if they wish to. The UK government have said the scheme is “a significant step forward, which paves the way for businesses and society reopening”. Scotland are to follow suit by introducing the twice per week testing option. However no date has been set for commencing the initiative.

As the economy begins to open again, governments are still wanting people to be cautious in their approach to the virus. It is key to maintain hygiene and PPE levels to minimise spread. Pubs, restaurants and non essential shops are allowed to open with social distancing and public health protocols in place. Hence this heightens the need for diagnostic measures as people interact with each other again as lockdown is lifted on certain restrictions. Diagnostics remain pivotal in getting our lives back to pre-coronavirus normality.

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