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Bacteria in Water – Should You be Worried?

Bacteria in Water

Bacteria can become present in our water via several sources. Our water systems will contain traces of both good and bad bacteria. Pathogen contamination can result from flooding, leaking septic tanks, animal faeces, and degrading of old water systems. Pathogens can pose a harmful threat to humans if they infiltrate our water environments.

Legionella is a viable microorganism species that can thrive in water environments. Legionella is susceptible to growth in warmer water that becomes aerosolised; such as steam from shower water. Showers are a primary contamination source as the water droplets become airborne. If the aerosolised particles are inhaled, this can then cause a type of pneumonia commonly known as Legionnaires disease. E.coli is another form of harmful bacteria that can be present in water environments. This is prevalent in drinking water supplies. Drinking E.coli contaminated water can cause many serious infections and illnesses.

Water testing is essential, especially while building work is being carried out. Water testing will give an indication of water quality and its safeness.

The two examples of pathogens show what can be present in water. Therefore testing needs to be carried out. Andersen Caledonia has an expert water testing service that accurately diagnoses and evaluates water cleanliness. We utilise several water testing capabilities such as legionella, mycobacteria, potable water and much more. Shop our testing kits here.