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Understanding SP.eye™: Revolutionising Ophthalmic Care

Advancements in technology have continually transformed the landscape of medical care, particularly in the field of ophthalmology. Among these innovations, SP.eye™ emerges as a groundbreaking solution, revolutionising the way ophthalmic professionals approach eye health and patient treatment. What is SP.eye™? SP.eye™ is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art system designed to provide comprehensive and precise support in diagnosing […]

Practical microbial and sterilisation workshop

23rd January 2024 Andersen Caledonia Ltd, Caledonian House, Phoenix Crescent, Strathclyde Buisness Park, ML4 3NJ Andersen Caledonia is the largest private sector supplier of infection control services in Scotland and has worked with NHS Scotland for over 20 years. Our Bellshill site is a global centre for the medical and pharmaceutical industry with a range […]

What Are Iris Forceps?

Precision Tools in Ophthalmic Surgery In the domain of ophthalmic surgery, precision and delicacy are paramount. Iris Forceps stand as vital tools within this field, revered for their delicate yet crucial role in performing intricate eye procedures. What Exactly are Iris Forceps? Iris Forceps are specialised surgical instruments designed for use in delicate ophthalmic procedures. […]

What Are Mayo Scissors?

Essential Surgical Instruments for Precise Cutting In the realm of surgical procedures, the role of specialised instruments is indispensable. Among these, Mayo Scissors stand as an essential tool, highly regarded for their versatility and precision in various medical practices. What Exactly are Mayo Scissors? Mayo Scissors are a type of surgical instrument renowned for their […]

What Are Hartmann Crocodile Forceps?

Hartmann Crocodile Forceps, are a specialised type of surgical forceps designed for intricate and precise tissue manipulation. For example, their distinctive design, featuring fine, serrated jaws resembling the jaws of a crocodile or alligator, grants them unparalleled gripping capability and precision. Key Characteristics and Variants These forceps are characterised by their slender, elongated design and […]

What Are Strabismus Scissors?

Understanding Strabismus Scissors: A Vital Tool in Ophthalmic Surgery In the realm of ophthalmic surgery, precision and delicacy are paramount. Among the array of specialised instruments used in this field, Strabismus Scissors stand out as an indispensable tool for surgeons dealing with ocular misalignment or strabismus correction. What Exactly are Strabismus Scissors? Strabismus Scissors, also […]

The Crucial Role of Sterilisation Methods

In the world of scientific research, healthcare, and various industries, the importance of sterilisation methods cannot be overstated. Sterilisation methods serve as a cornerstone for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment by eliminating or inactivating microorganisms that can lead to contamination, infection, and compromised results. In this blog, we delve into the significance of sterilisation […]

What Are Sims Scissors?

sims scissors straight

In the realm of medical instruments, precision and accuracy reign supreme. Each tool, carefully designed and meticulously crafted, plays a crucial role in the hands of skilled healthcare professionals. Among these tools, Sims scissors emerge as one of the unsung heroes, quietly contributing to the precision required in various medical procedures. The Anatomy of Sims […]

The Importance of Water Testing

Water is a vital resource that sustains life, but it can also harbour hidden dangers. Pathogenic microorganisms, dissolved chemicals, and minerals can contaminate water, posing serious risks to our health. That’s why water testing is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of our most important resource. At Andersen Caledonia, we understand the significance of […]

Sterilisation Services

Enhancing Safety and Quality: Our Expert Sterilisation Services at Andersen Caledonia In today’s rapidly evolving industries, maintaining a high level of safety and quality is of paramount importance. At Andersen Caledonia, we take pride in being your trusted partner for sterilisation services. Furthermore, with our extensive expertise and cutting-edge facilities, we are committed to delivering […]

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