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What is Adson Forceps?

What is an Adson Forceps? The Adson Forceps is a thumb forceps which is also called a surgical tweezer. The forceps are manufactured from stainless steel and used to grasp, hold, and move tissue. The design of the forceps allows the surgeon to have precision in tissue manipulation and avoid tissue damage.  The forceps are […]

Cleaning with Water for Injection

Regulatory requirements to use WFI to clean. The European Medicines Agency have provided guidelines on the cleaning water quality for items that come in contact with products for pharmaceutical use. Manufacturers should perform a final rinse of equipment, containers and closures with water that is the same quality of that used in the manufacture of […]

What is E. coli?

What is E. coli? E. coli (escherichia coli) is a type of bacteria present in human and animal intestines. It is a misconception that E. coli in every form is bad for the human body. Some types of E. coli are harmless and promote gut and digestive system health. However, some strains can cause severe […]

What are Rampley Forceps?

Brief Overview of the Rampley Forceps The Rampley Forceps is a straight self-retaining, finger ring forceps with oval fenestrated tips used in general surgery to hold swabs and sponges or to grasp tissue. The forceps come in 18cm or 24 cm in length. The Rampley forceps are widely used in surgery with a variety of functions beyond […]

Ready-to-Use Vials – Pharma Packaging Overview

Ready-to-Use (RTU) Pharmaceutical Glass Vials Ready-to-use vials are supplied in a form that can be immediately filled without further processing. This requires that the vials are cleaned to remove particles and chemicals, depyrogenated to remove endotoxins and terminally sterilised. The vials are often supplied with appropriate stoppers and caps to close the vial post filling. […]

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization of Medical Equipment: Guide

Sterilizing medical equipment has always been a cause for concern and essential task hospitals and private practices must carry out. It is critical for patient safety that surgical instruments and devices are thoroughly disinfected. Surgical equipment and instruments must be sterilized before they are used. Ethylene oxide sterilization of medical equipment can ensure safety against […]

Legionella Risk Assessments – A Landlords Guide

Legionella risk assessments are required to be conducted by landlords. This is to prevent the risk of infection to tenants living in the landlord’s property. What is Legionella? Legionella is a harmful pathogen that thrives in water and infects the lungs. The bacteria grows at a quick rate in mild to warmer temperatures of 20°C […]

The Weitlaner Retractor Innovation & Usage

Buy our Weitlaner Retractor here, NOW IN STOCK. What is a Weitlaner Retractor? The Weitlaner (also known as West Retractor) is a self-retaining, finger ring retractor with a cam ratchet lock and 3×4 sharp or blunt interlocking teeth. The instrument is widely used in orthopaedic but also with small, deep incisions and soft tissue dissection at […]

Glass Vials Assisting COVID Fight

The Importance of Glass Vials in Fight Against COVID What are glass vials? Glass vials are small bottle-like containers that preserve pharmaceutical substances in the form of liquid. The most common types of substances held in vials are vaccines and medicines.  Benefits and factors to consider Vials are deemed to be a key artefact in […]

Bacteria in Water – Should You be Worried?

Bacteria in Water Bacteria can become present in our water via several sources. Our water systems will contain traces of both good and bad bacteria. Pathogen contamination can result from flooding, leaking septic tanks, animal faeces, and degrading of old water systems. Pathogens can pose a harmful threat to humans if they infiltrate our water environments. Legionella is […]