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Andersen Caledonia Develop Covid-19 Surface Test

Andersen Caledonia Help Develop First Covid-19 Surface Test

A new Covid-19 surface test invented by an Aberdeen man’s company could help speed up the re-opening of shared spaces in hospitals, care homes, schools and offices.

The kit, which is the first of its kind in the UK, works by detecting traces of the virus on hard surfaces. Therefore this new examination will enhance cleaning practices by working beyond touchpoints that are more commonly thought of – for example, handrails. 

One swab can be used numerous times and can uncover traces of the virus down to 100 strands of coronavirus. A sample test taken from a human who has tested positive for Covid-19 typically contains 600,000.

Subsequently, we are delighted to be featured in The Press and Journal this week. Read the full report.

For more information on our Covid-19 surface testing click here: https://andersencaledonia.com/coronavirus-covid-19-surface-testing/